Scott Morrison considering lifting travel ban on international students as early as July 2020.

Australian Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison unveiling 3 stage roadmap

Its a very Good News for International Students who want to study in Australia. International students could be allowed back into Australia as early as July 2020 as the Australian government confirming it will consider an exemption to the travel ban.

The federal government has confirmed it will consider exempting international students from Australia’s travel ban as early as July.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed a national three-stage framework out of coronavirus restrictions on Friday that opened the door for overseas-based students to return to Australian universities. Mr Morrison said it would only be done if strict quarantine restrictions were met.

“But it must be done according to those strict quarantine restrictions and how that’s done, and how those costs are met.”

It is anticipated that the students will need to be quarantined for 2 weeks and the cost of it will be around 1800 to 2500 A$. It is not clear that who will bear the cost as it may have to be borne by the student or the unversities may give some relief to the student for such costs in form of reduced tuition fees etc.

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